Tips for BlackJack beginners
Padraig Cardenas Posted on 15:22

Tips for BlackJack beginners

In order to increase the chances of a positive result when playing blackjack, one should try not to make any standard mistakes. The key to playing blackjack the right way is to know the following basic rules in order to make a winning choice in the long run.

1. Learn the rules and basic strategies before you start playing blackjack.

rules and basic strategies

A thorough knowledge of the card game rules is insurance against losing in the simplest of situations. After all, it’s not uncommon for a player to make an unnecessary mistake from simple ignorance of the winning or losing conditions when dealing cards.

In addition, it is necessary to familiarize and remember the basic profitable strategies of the game, which the player will apply during the game session.

2. Always comply with the rules of his capital management for the game

In matters of accounting, players yawn. Everything about financial management is boring to most of them. But quality money management is as essential to a player as air and is part of a successful and profitable strategy. It is necessary to play within your means, because the main goal of the game is to generate income.

  • Bankroll management is the competent process of managing capital specifically for the game. 
  • The main idea behind it is to minimize your chances of getting busted, and not to put all your eggs in one basket, which means not betting on one game all at once, but rather dividing your risk into smaller parts.
  • After all, it is unknown when a player will win and when he will lose. It is also unknown how long the “black” or “white” streak of winning or losing will last. 
  • Therefore, it is this strategy usually brings income over time.

The basics of conservative or, conversely, aggressive management can be found on the Internet. However, if a person is going to play blackjack for a long time, the conservative strategy is the safest one. In general terms, it looks like this: you need to divide the amount of money intended for the game by 200 or 300, and put no more than this amount at one time. Such a strategy greatly reduces the dependence on variance (deviation from the average) and allows you to play comfortably. After all, a player who is not afraid to lose today, often gets pleasure from the gameplay!

3. Blackjack card counting systems. The basic strategy of the game

To play blackjack successfully, it’s advisable to learn how to count cards. Card counting is something everyone can do. The player does not have to be a unique person or a great mathematician. It is not even necessary to memorize all the cards that have gone to the rebound.

After each card is dealt, the total score increases, decreases or stays the same. It is only necessary to remain concentrated throughout the game session, keep a close eye on each hand and keep the total count. Card counting is not prosecuted, but casinos do not welcome such people and there is no need to declare that “I am a great card counter”. Quite the contrary – it is much better for the player to create an image of a beginner or an unskilled player. It is also useful to visit different casinos periodically, so as not to “catch the eye”.

It should be understood that without a thorough knowledge of basic game strategy, counting cards in blackjack will be useless.

4. Try to be cool in the game

A relaxed attitude is the most important component of blackjack success. When playing for money, people often experience a deluge of emotions, from euphoria to fears and superstitions, which prevent them from thinking straight and making logical choices. The chances of winning for a person caught under the influence of their own emotions are greatly reduced.

Here are some typical reasons for a player to lose emotional balance:

  • Pressure from outside.

For example, in a situation where a person needs to win during a gaming session in order to pay for the accommodation. Keeping calm and sanity in such a situation will be almost unrealistic. The player will subconsciously make only cautious decisions or, conversely, play too aggressively and risky, will begin to doubt his own skills and abilities, which can lead to mistakes and losses.

The best solution in this situation is to leave the game and wait until the person’s condition becomes calmer and more balanced. If the player has no choice (for example, if the debt must be paid today), it is necessary to play carefully and accurately, with full concentration in the game and understanding of what the person is doing. Then it is quite possible to win regardless of external circumstances.

Quite a few people in this case go all-in. This is an unnecessarily risky and unwise tactic. The history of the game, of course, remembers cases of “miraculous” wins in such situations. However, there were still significantly more losses. Even winning a few times, people forever became ardent fans of risk, which usually leads to ruin.

  • A succession of failures

Even when playing according to guidelines, one sometimes finds oneself on a losing streak. Blackjack is a card game. No one knows exactly which card the dealer will pull next. Failures should just wait it out and try to play calmly and accurately, strictly following the profitable strategy. A black streak is always followed by a white streak, which is the law of the game.

  • Overconfidence

As a rule, comes after a series of successful gaming sessions. The player feels that he has become the “king of blackjack! However, this is nothing more than a thought in his own head. Overconfidence entails indiscretions and deviations in the player’s basic strategy, which often lead to unnecessary mistakes.

  • Emotions and Superstition

Negative emotions throw the player out of balance. No outside circumstances should influence the game in any way. It is not uncommon for anyone to want to blame another person for their failures, but it is really just a “mind game” of the player himself. Despair and anger are not the best allies, so if you can not calm down, it is best to quit the game.

Superstitions are also very harmful. They greatly affect the player’s state of mind and eventually lead to deviations in his game. For example, a player thinks, “I can never win on Tuesday, so I’d better not play on that day at all. It looks fun enough from the outside, of course, but it’s just an unnecessary thought in the mind of a person who has succumbed to superstition.

5. Continuous improvement

It is never necessary to stop on the achieved. It’s advisable to constantly study and, if possible, practice everything about the game of blackjack (history, different game strategies, rules for counting cards during dealings, different approaches to money management, etc.). There is more than enough available literature and materials on the Internet. You should take advantage of other people’s experience, in order not to make the same mistakes.

6. Play with pleasure

Game should bring only positive emotions. It is important to understand that winning or losing in the game is only a gain or loss of money. There are a lot of good things in the world beyond that. Life doesn’t stop when the dealer hands you the last card, good or bad. Many people win or lose money every day. You should always remember that and only enjoy the process of playing, regardless of the result.

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