Top 7 mistakes in sports betting
Padraig Cardenas Posted on 16:44

Top 7 mistakes in sports betting

Generally speaking, it is impossible to avoid mistakes in betting. However, knowing the typical mistakes made by most beginners will allow you to reduce the damage from them.

Professional bettors have identified seven of the most common mistakes common to beginners. These may seem obvious to some, but they are the reason most novice players lose their entire bankroll.


1. Playing for the Whole Pot

Beginners very often rely on their intuition and are confident in the result of the upcoming meeting. Special interest in betting is fueled by a fairly large odds offered by the bookmaker. The desire to win immediately and a lot is too strong, and novice bettors go along with it, investing in a single bet all their money. Even if such a gambler is lucky, and he will win big money on the first bet, he will still lose his money on the second, third, n-th time, since this approach to betting is fundamentally wrong.

It is necessary to manage your bank properly, taking into account the possibility of successive failures, even with the right choice of events. In sports sensations happen regularly, so you can not be sure about any bet. To minimize possible losses, it is recommended to bet on one event or in one express no more than 3-5% of the available amount.

2. Playing on the “Forks”

Betting on the “Forks” strategy is recommended by almost every other trader. The reasons for this are simple, or promoting a service that sells services to find “forks”, or one offers to invest in their bets (selling forecasts, promotion account, etc.), in order to extort more money from a trusting person.

Successful “bookies” do not sell forecasts! Why should they waste their time trying to persuade people to do that, if they can make many times as much money during the same period of time.  Better to lie on a beach somewhere in Saint-Tropez, than to waste time, isn’t it?

3. Betting on the “After-Goal”

In the line of bookmakers often encounter delays in changing odds, this is what many are trying to catch bookmakers on. 

  • For example, it is often the case when the event has already started (in little-known tournaments often postponed start time of the event), but the bookmaker line has not changed, on this and try to play “genius” betting. 
  • Once or twice it will work, but then the bookmaker will either block the player’s account (in an offshore BC), or calculate bets with odds “1”.

4. Believing in Success

Beginners who have guessed the outcome of a sporting event once or several times in a row begin to have too much faith in their own strength and success. Perhaps the deceptive sense of self-confidence in betting is even worse than underestimating one’s abilities. As a result, such players, who think they are great predictors, start betting on everything. Often, flattered by luck, they make the mistake #1 of this article – bet too much. The result, of course, sooner or later will turn out to be sad.

Of course, the successes in sports betting must be rejoiced, because only beloved business can bring a stable and large income. The main thing that this joy should not affect the performance of sports betting. A bettor’s consciousness should be calm and calculating under any circumstances.

5. Betting on other People’s Advice

There is an opinion that beginners are lucky, and therefore in sports betting they also win at first. In reality, however, some beginners’ success has more to do with the fact that they only bet on events in which they are confident. However, many beginning bettors lose already at the first bets and lose faith in their own strength. As a result, they use the recommendations of more experienced players, or they buy their predictions from private brokers.

Hope for cappers strengthens if their few predictions come true. Then a beginner starts betting more and more often, paying part of the money for bets and part for predictions. Even if such tactics could give a positive result in the short run, it is still doomed to failure after a long time. Free predictions do not come true often enough to guarantee a profit, and paid advice empties the bank, which also prevents you from getting out in the black.

6. The Desire to Win Back

The urge to get even faster after a loss can be avoided by betting no more than 5% of the whole bank. If a beginner bets half of the pot on a sure bet and unexpectedly loses, he will try to win back the money faster. He doesn’t have time to wait for the right event, so he bets the rest of the money on the first match he sees, which he usually doesn’t know anything about. The result is obvious – the whole bank goes down, the player does not return to betting on sports.

7. Fan Betting

If you are a keen fan of a certain team, then you should try to avoid betting on the team’s events. Such bets are the privilege of fans who simply want to support their favorite club and have a good time watching the match. They will bet no matter who their team is playing and what the odds are of winning. However, if your goal is not just to enjoy your time, but specifically to win money regularly by betting, then it is better not to bet on your favorite team. You simply will not be able to objectively assess the capabilities of your team. Belief in the club and the desire for its victory will prevail, with such emotions it is impossible to talk about effective betting.

Naturally, eliminating all these mistakes will not give you a 100% guarantee that you will regularly win at bookmaking bets. To succeed, you need to study each event in detail, collect and analyze statistics, and follow an effective strategy. Betting on luck should be completely excluded from the arsenal of a professional bettor.

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