The most popular sports betting strategies
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The most popular sports betting strategies

Below are some basic betting strategies you can take as a basis: gambling, live and financial.

Totals (over/under)

To bet on the total means to subscribe to the total of some events in the match. Total has two varieties. TB – total more and TM – total less.

Let’s consider the totals on the example of soccer. Bookmakers accept bets on the number of goals, violations, warnings, offsides, corners and so on. You can bet on the number of events for one team or for two. You can bet on the total in one half or in the whole match.

In order to bet on the total, you do not need to be a great expert. It is enough to look at the average statistics on a player or team. For example, it is believed that the Spanish soccer league is the most productive: more than three goals per game. In the Spanish championship, two teams meet. Both score an average of one and a half goals per game. So, we can bet on the total more than two or even on the total of more than two and a half.

The same logic is true for hockey, basketball and tennis

  • Important: It is better to bet on totals before the match, the odds are more favorable. During the match, the bookmaker monitors the dynamics and reduces the odds.


You do not need to be an expert to successfully bet on the total. You can bet on the total in almost any sport.


As a rule, the odds on the obvious totals are low. In order to bet on a more “subtle” total, you will have to dig into the analysis and need a little more luck.

Bets on the exact score

From the name it is clear that you have to guess the exact score of the match. At first glance, it seems that the strategy is based only on luck. It is not. If you study the performance statistics of the teams, you can estimate which team will win, what the lead will be.

It is necessary to take into account factors that may affect the score: the state of goalkeepers, forwards, the performance of teams in individual meetings, home and away matches. If you are not sure who will win, it is better to bet on the total.

  • Important: Make several bets, hedge your risks. If it seems that team A will win with a score of 2-1, it makes sense to bet on another 3-1 and 2-0. Before the match, the odds are very favorable. If at least one bet plays, it will cover the cost of the other bets.


The main advantage is the high odds. You can make multiple bets that will cover each other.


Suitable for advanced players. It is difficult for beginners to give accurate predictions at a glance. It is better to start with totals, where the result as such is not important.

Bookmaker’s Forks

Bookmaker’s forks are considered to be the only win-win betting strategy. Formally, this is true. With this strategy, bets are placed on all outcomes. No matter how the event ends, one of the bets is sure to play. And such a bet will not only cover the costs of the rest, but will also bring profit, which is known in advance.

The easiest way to look at this strategy is with tennis. Let bookmaker’s office A offer odds of 2,05 for the victory of the first tennis player, and bookmaker’s office B offer odds of 2,05 for the victory of the second tennis player. If you bet a thousand rubles at each bookmaker’s office, then whoever wins, you get 50 dollars on top of your two thousand.

Soccer is a bit more complicated, as there are three possible outcomes. Let’s say that in three different bookmakers’ offices the odds are as follows: N1 – 2.80; X – 3.50; N2 – 3.20. To check whether there is a fork, you need to divide one by each coefficient and add up the results. If the sum is less than one, then there is a fork. Otherwise, there is no fork.

Let’s check if there is a fork in the above odds. 1/2,80 + 1/3,50 + 1/3,20 = 0,95. Less than one, so there is a fork.

Now let’s calculate the bet amount. Suppose you want to win a thousand dollars. In the first bookmaker’s office you need to make a bet equal to 1/2,80 * 1000 = 357 rubles. In the second one – 1/3,50 * 1000 = 286 dollars. In the third one – 1/3,20 * 1000 = 313 dollars.

You will spend 357 + 286 + 313 = 956 dollars and get 1000 dollars regardless of the match result.

Advantages of

You win guaranteed, no matter what the outcome of the event. You can manage your earnings by increasing or decreasing the bank in the game.


You have to look for the forks, there are not many of them. The profitability of forks is low. You need to make large bets to get a decent income. Forks appear suddenly and also suddenly disappear, so you have to keep large sums in different bookmakers’ offices. Bookmakers do not like arbs, and try in every possible way to throw a spanner in the way. As a rule bookmakers are limited by betting limits.

On the favorite, which is an unsuccessful start

This strategy is perfectly suited for matches in which a clear favorite and an underdog meet. Before the match, bets on the favorite are accepted with very low odds. It is not profitable to make such bets, as the winnings are small, and the risk of losing the entire bet is present.

It makes sense to start watching the broadcast and wait for the misfire of the favorite. In soccer it can be a missed goal, in tennis – a lost set. The bookmaker will instantly correct the odds. If you see that it was an accident and the favorite will win anyway, bet on the favorite.

There may be many reasons for a bad start: underestimation of the opponent, fatigue, tactical move. After the break the picture will change.

  • Important: if you see that the favorite is unlikely to win back, there is no need to bet on it. Maybe the team has problems or lacks motivation in a particular tournament.


You can bet with high odds on an outcome that was priced cheaper before the match.


There is a chance not to distinguish an accidental misfire from a legitimate result.

Strategy 3×85

In the midst of the soccer season, matches are played in parallel. You can watch several games at once. Wait until the 85th minute. This is a great time to bet on the total. As a rule, after 85 minutes, the teams are already tired. The team that is satisfied with the score is trying to keep it, while the other team no longer has the strength to launch full-fledged attacks.

The probability that there will be no more goals in the match is higher than the reverse. So feel free to put together expresses of two to three events. Bet on the total in all events. Parlays of this kind give odds of up to 1.6.

  • Important: the strategy doesn’t work in the Asian and youth championships. The results are high and unpredictable there.


Fast winnings. Five minutes before the end of the match the situation is unlikely to change, so the passage of such bets is high. Expresses give a fairly high odds for an almost guaranteed result.


If something goes wrong in one of the matches, the whole express will fail, and it is impossible to back it up.


The Martingale strategy came to betting from roulette. In roulette, either red or black can fall out. The probability is fifty-fifty. If such a probability is translated into bookmaker odds, then both red and black odds will be equal to two.

The essence of the strategy is easy to understand on the example of the same roulette. Bet on red. If black falls out, double your bet and bet again on red. And so on until red does not fall out. Sooner or later this will happen. Doubling your bet if you lose guarantees a cumulative plus when the desired result finally falls out.

When red finally falls out, return the bet back to the minimum level.

The same works for bookmaker bets. Look for events with odds equal to two. Bet a fixed amount on such events. If the bet does not play, double the amount of the next bet. When the bet is a winning one, go back to the initial amount.

  • Important: carefully calculate the amount of your first bet. It will have to be doubled many times. Is your budget allowable? Also pay attention to the limits in your bookmaker’s office. Multiple doubling of your bets should not run up against the ceiling.


This strategy guarantees a stable income over a long distance. Even after a series of failures, it is possible to win back. This is the best strategy for players with a rubber budget.


Bookmaker can suddenly set betting limits. If the series of failures will be very long, and the limits will prevent you from doubling your next bet, you won’t be able to win back. Another drawback: a series of failures can be very long, you need to be prepared for this mentally and financially.


Not to lose your bank at a long distance, you can use a flat strategy. Its essence is that you always bet a fixed amount. Let’s say you have a bank of 10,000 dollars. You are ready to bet 1% of the bank amount, that is 100 dollars. According to the flat strategy you bet only on the amount of 100 rubles for a month or two.

At the end of the period you have 12000 dollars in the bank. You need to count again 1% of the amount. Now it is 120 dollars. For the next month or two the amount of your bet is 120 dollars.


This strategy protects your bank from emotional bets. If this financial strategy is successfully combined with the game, get to gradually increase the bank.


If the amount of a single bet is calculated incorrectly or if you deviate from the betting schedule, your bank is at risk.

To consistently make money on bets, you need to develop your own strategy. It must be convenient to you personally. Do not tell anyone the secrets of your bets. Bookmaker does not sleep. If he notices the algorithm, which leads to a steady growth of your bank, he will reduce the limits.

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