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Padraig Cardenas Posted on 20:18

Caught On Camera Sydney Casino Dealer Steals $11,000

The Star Sydney casino dealer thought he had committed the perfect crime and managed to give his salary a nice little bump by pocketing $11000 in casino chips. When you gamble online at PlayAmo casino login Australia, you don’t ever have to worry about someone stealing your chips, as the games are fully secured and encrypted.

Little did he know that his actions were all caught on film when security cameras clearly identified the man slipping the stack of chips into his socks and shoes.

The Baccarat dealer named Richard Quach casually took the chips off the table he was dealing at and proceeded to hide them under the table before finally tucking them into his socks. 

Why Did The Sydney Casino Steal The Chips?

Quach cashed out half of the chips and kept the cash for himself while the other $7000 he took to the gaming floor. Quach claimed he was in serious financial debt and owed some very nasty debt collectors who were charging him massive weekly interest payments.

His plan was to use some of the chips to pay off his debts and then gamble with the other chips in an attempt to quickly double his money before returning the chips back to the casino. He was hoping that by the time his little adventure was over, no one would be the wiser, and he could return to dealing as normal.

His plan sounded perfect, and Quach proceeded to the gaming floor, where he played the slot machines. Unfortunately for him, he managed to lose the entire $7000, and his theft was caught on camera.

Quach was promptly fired by the Sydney casino, who referred the matter to the police. He was charged sentenced to 2 years of community service and forced to repay the stolen funds. The judge acknowledged that he was under severe financial stress due to debt obligations but still chastised the man for stealing from his employer.

In another instance of theft at the Star, a casino worker was once again caught on camera. This employee thought he could get away intentionally giving his friend $6000 worth of chips in exchange for $1000,

The Sydney casino worked named Pharadorn Naweesakorn dreamed up this scheme with another man. The two met up within the casino numerous times, and after an investigation, Star casino concluded that Naweesakorn had made $25,000 in deliberate overpayments to his friend.

The Star fired him, and he also was sentenced to 2 years of community service and forced to pay compensation to the casino. As part of the man’s plea deal, he must also follow protocols, including maintaining full-time employment and being subjected to random drug testing. Failing to comply with the order would see the man serve the rest of his 2-year sentence in jail. 

The two men have been banned from the casino industry in Australia, and their licenses have been indefinitely suspended by the state gaming authorities.

The casino regulators said they take all instances of theft extremely seriously. They entrust casino workers and dealers to protect the integrity of the casino industry. They said without this integrity, the whole industry collapses.

 A high amount of trust is placed in these workers, and they need to have a high moral character to avoid being tempted by criminal actions. These workers breached this trust, and they will do better to ensure other workers do follow their actions.

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